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The Anglo-Chinese School Old Boys’ Association (ACSOBA) is the oldest formally incorporated alumni association in Singapore and traditionally a self-funding voluntary organisation run by faithful ACSians who rally together to work for the betterment of their alma mater. The ACSOBA regularly provides a platform for personal contact and organises numerous activities for its members.

The ACS spirit and the unshakable bonds that ACSians have with the School and each other are the fruit of years of camaraderie. As a result, alumni have a unique sense of loyalty and gratitude to their alma mater. Both individually and under the umbrella of the ACSOBA, they have made their presence felt throughout all ACS units via traditional events such as the annual Founder’s Day dinner on March 1; fundraising (e.g., the Fun-o-Rama), the Retired Teachers’ Tribute Dinner and “Past vs Present” Games and in the last decade, ONE ACS hallmark events such as the ONE ACS Career Forum. More recently, on-line initiatives such as the ONE ACS Business Directory and the ACS Store have been launched to strengthen mutual support within the ACS Family.  Read more…


Past Vs Present Games, Founder’s Day Dinner, Retired Teachers’ Day Dinner and more.

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